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Welcome to Ask A Dentist!

We want to be your online source for dental opinions, dental health questions, and dental referrals. Our goal is to help you get the dental information you need so you can get the best dental care possible.

You may go to the FAQ page to get generic answers to common dental health questions such as:

What is a root canal?
Do I need to have my wisdom teeth extracted?
Are silver fillings dangerous?

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If you are more of a visual person you may like to explore the photo gallery.

Here you can find photos and radiographs (X-RAYS) of common treatments and disorders. You can see before, during and after photos of common procedures like crown preparations, veneers, and implants.


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Glossary of Dental Terms

If you are curious about dental terminology or to decipher what your dentist is talking about when he says you need some type of treatment such as: “you need Scaling and root planning (SCRP)” or “you need an Occlusal filling on number 30”, you may look under the glossary tab for plain English definitions to commonly used dental terms.

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Want more information? ASK A DENTIST

This tab allows you to contact a dentist in or near your area for an online consultation. All you have to do is submit your zip code, email address where you would like your response sent and type in your question or concern and your question will be sent via email to the participating dentist closest to your zip code. If you have photos or x-rays that you have received from your dentist you can scan and upload these as well and send them with your question. You will receive a response, via email, addressing your question within 2 business days from the dentist closest to your area. You will also be able to link to the dentists’ website and may arrange an evaluation with them if you need more information than they are able to provide online.

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